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About Us

Christian Outreach and Development International (CODI) is a nonprofit faith-based research organization designed to reach out to those investigating the viability of the Christian faith as well as inspiring and mobilizing those of the faith. CODI seeks to maximize the use of the social media platform as an outreach medium.  CODI is based out of Waukesha, Wisconsin.


FOR THOSE INVESTIGATING the Christian faith CODI provides an array of resources in the discovery of the faith which includes our foundational outreach publication called “The Message”. This is an online mentor equipped study looking at the detailed Biblical message of the Christian faith. In a follow-up to “The Message” CODI provides a sequential study series for those who want to grow further in their faith.


FOR THOSE ALREADY OF THE FAITH CODI is an equipping ministry, training and encouraging those to become mentors to those discovering the faith. CODI provides a treasure of outreach tools to stimulate and equip the faithful in outreach. For those who are young in the faith, CODI has developed a Biblical Sequential series which is a great supplement to those who simply want to grow. We also set up international mission trips for those seeking a foreign outreach experience.


TO THE LOCAL CHURCHES CODI is designed to be a parachurch organization helping those institutions in the areas of outreach, growth, and missions. People investigating the faith will be matched up with a trained mentor of your church and encourage to attend your place of worship. CODI and Churches involved must have complementary statements of faith and desire to be a part of CODI’s vision.

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