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"The Message"

This workbook is designed to go through its contents with a mentor. Please sign up below and a mentor will send you a free digital copy of "The Message". The mentor then will contact you and set up a time for you to systematically go through its contents. Typically it takes three one hour sessions to work through the booklet.


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We truly believe you will not be disappointed. Take a step of faith, go beyond yourself and discover God.

Deuteronomy 4:29
"But from there you will seek the LORD your God, and you will find Him if you search for Him with all your heart and all your soul."

The above purchase covers the cost of the material. The contact with a mentor is contingent on the availability of a mentor.

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Christian Outreach and Development International (CODI) is a nonprofit faith-based research organization designed to reach out to those investigating the viability of the Christian faith as well as inspiring and mobilizing those of the faith. CODI seeks to maximize the use of the social media platform as an outreach medium.  CODI is based out of Waukesha, Wisconsin.

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